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Hutan Simpan Sg Besi (Tambahan)

Raised RM80K


Sungai Besi Tambahan Reserve Forest, was designated recently as a new Permanent Forest Reserve (HSK), on 8 October 2021. The size of the forest is 23.83 hectares of and  located 14km from the city center. This reflects Malaysia’s commitment to maintain at least 50 percent of the country’s land area, as forested and tree-covered land.

Problems and Challenges

In 1930, Sungai Besi was a historic mining town. As former mining areas, Sungai Besi Tambahan Forest Reserve has long degraded due to poor soil condition and lack of forest vegetation. The forest is now covered by invasive fern species. This limits the growth of healthy forest species and create a less diverse and less resilient forest ecosystem. The absence of trees results to less resilient forest and prone to soil erosion. The forest are at risks of landslides, increased runoff, and eventually flooding.


  1. Revive the forest

Silviculture treatment to bring back, the native, endangered, and keystone trees species in the degraded area.

  1. Forest Protection

Implement best practices to reduce the impacts of human activities on forests and strengthen enforcement.

  1. Local communities participation in conservation efforts

Working with local communities, to promote sustainable use of forest resources, and encourage active participation in conservation efforts.

  1. Financial support

Financial support to implement land demarcation and construct physical boundaries and signage, to reduce forest disturbance.

These actions are important, because forests play a critical role in stabilizing the climate, regulate ecosystem, protect biodiversity, and absorb carbon from environment. And we all have our part to play as it would require a lot of efforts to bring the nature back into the heart of our city.


+60 3 8958 1118

RM80,000 of RM2.4 Million Raised

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